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Team & Culture
The development and success of Huatai can be attributed to the dedication of its people, because their performance, motivation and skills are very crucial to our company success. They possess in-depth product knowledge, industrial and technical expertise and an extensive understanding of market trends. The people of Huatai are team players who understand their roles in contributing to the company's profitability and success. Most importantly, they are fully committed to meeting customers' requirements by making the customers be their first priority.
We are dedicated to building and promoting a company culture that encourages innovation and achievement. That means treating each other in such a way that the variety of opinions and thoughts yields the best possible strategy for the future and providing our employees and customers with information that is readily understood.
We offer all our employees, irrespective of gender, religion or origin the suitable development opportunities, and enhance our employees' talents and performance via systematic training and continuing education. At the same time, employees have an obligation to keep abreast of developments in their respective fields on their own initiative, and are expected to take responsibility for their work, delegate tasks where appropriate, think in international terms and display mobility and flexibility.
We established mutually agreed-upon targets against which employee performance will be measured. Job grades are based upon the work assigned to a position. Employees will be remunerated based upon their performance, responsibilities, and internal and external competitive factors. Thus grading and remuneration are not permanently fixed. We believe, the most competent people and good company culture will lead our company to a more successful and excellent position.

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