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Huatai has long believed it is important for us to care for the communities in which we live and operate. Along with the company's dedication to employees' cultivation as well as technology research and development, we are also very much devoted to being a good corporate citizen. May it be for cultural perseverance, and education for the next generation. In short, wherever we operate; Huatai targets to be a responsible and contributing member of the society.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is about giving back to the society. We have contributed a good deal of time, money, and other resources to our CSR efforts. The belief to support Huatai's CSR efforts is simple, because we believe that our responsibilities as a corporation include a commitment to the society in which we operate.

Huatai has certainly seen the CSR effect on corporate reputation and understood that the single-minded pursuit of immediate, short-term profit is not a business model that is sustainable over the long term. Huatai is constantly looking for ways to align itself with social causes that reflect the company's overreaching values, and this includes maintaining strategic partnerships with other organizations.

We believes that giving back to the community does not necessarily mean monetary contributions, it can include the use of loaned employees, and the donation of goods and services. As a leader in the nutritional supplement industry, we are more than able to leverage the capabilities of our huge resources to benefit society and lead our employees to participate in nutritional services.

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